The company is guided by the high-quality global collagen peptide market and is a network of national markets. Recruitment of global agents, through mutual cooperation, to achieve mutual benefit。
Broad market
Product diversification
More new opportunities
Effectively address the pressure of storage and logistics
Targeted collection of various types of
group units, Lock high-end customers and
quickly start the market
Interactive communication and communication to develop a solid consumer group,promote
long-term development of enterprises

1. The professional team assists the dealer in the location selection of the store;

2. Fully guarantee that the dealer is in the contract area and product management right;

3, a complete set of visual identity systems and other terminal vivid design support;

4. Systematic product, sales and in-store operation management training. Ensure product marketing

5, opening promotion support

6, the terminal vivid design

7. Provide professional business team, conduct personal counseling for dealers, conduct business diagnosis, assist network development and terminal promotion;

8, continuous TV, network, plane and other high-altitude and ground media, fully support the dealer's business!

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